Raise your vibration!

After a decade working in fashion, and feeling unaligned with my truth, I suffered a burn-out that helped me re-purpose my life and discover my higher calling to lead women into their empowered life of unshakable self-worth.

I’m a certified Life Coach who’s passionate about connecting my clients with their inner Super Star and guiding them to attract the life they are dreaming of living. I host Chic Circles with Velish in Montreal, Qc., where I lead a female-centred discussion sharing my successful tips on self-care, raising your positive energy, and achieving your goals. These 90 minute Circles are anchored with some of my favourite tools; crystals and essential oils, and will leave you empowered and inspired!

To inquire about working with me, to join one my Chic Circles, or book your free 60 minute Self-Love Breakthrough consultation, send me an email. Here’s to raising your vibration, together!