Welcome to the chic life!

My name is Stephanie Boridy, better known as StephanieChic. I’m an intuitive self-love coach & healer, who’s spiritually driven. I help my clients tap into their personal power by awakening their authentic selves. I was born to lift people up and empower them. I’m a through and through optimist and I’m very skilled at bringing out the best in you & showing you your light & potential.

If you want to know self-love, awaken your authenticity and purpose, and live a life of freedom and fulfillment, I can lead you successfully to your goals. We’ll take a look at what’s stopping you to release the blocks holding you back. I’ll guide you with love to change your approach, your habits, and your mindset.

The Chic You Breakthrough is a harmonious balance between my skillset and personal experience. It’s guaranteed to transform your life. Take my word for it. If not, take my clients’.

Here’s to you, soul seeker. To your worth, your authenticity, and everything you’re dreaming of, residing within you and waiting to be empowered!