Let’s do this! Again!


Hi guys!

I can’t believe we’re starting this over again, feels like everything is coming full circle.

For those of you who don’t know, I started a blog- Le Cheap chest Chic- in 2008 that had a petty decent following. It ran its course and is actually one of my most creative accomplishments, but times changed and so did I, so I wrote its final post in the fall of 2012, while I was working in Toronto, again, the same city I had started my social endeavours within.

I really didn’t think the time would come again when I would have another blog. So I’m as elated and surprised as you are, my longtime followers. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Lately, I’ve been feeling like there’s something missing in regards to the way I share my content, which is mostly documented on Instagram these days. It felt as though I was just short of an outlet to bring everything all together. I posted a picture of one of my clean dinners last week and my followers wanted the recipe which I was happy to share, but I found myself at a dead end– how could I make sure everyone that asked for the recipe saw it? Not everyone watches my daily docu-stories, just the same way, not everyone is necessarily up to date with my IG photo feed on the daily #thealgorithmstruggle. Inevitable I knew I needed an outlet that isn’t time sensitive and that would be available for anyone to check back at any time. So here we are my friends, connected together again through the very first and very dear medium that started it all for me.

I’m happy to have you along for this chic part two chapter, where lots of life changes are in the works and interesting content will surely ensue! I look forward to sharing this new beginning with you all and to hearing all of your feedback. I have lots of content ambitions for you guys, from clean eating, to chic living, and opening up about difficult conversations I believe we need to address more as a society– all of which you’ll find elaborated upon in the Stories category. Stephaniechic.com will be your resource for everything we engage in together on our beloved fast-paced Instagram. Here’s to bigger and stronger new beginnings and never feeling too far gone, or too old to challenge the norm.


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