Chic tip of the day: Stop comparing & start complimenting.


Today’s chic tip of the day, comes from my mom, #lesliechic. Growing up she refused to let me compare myself to others, always scolding me when I forgot to listen to her. As an adult this proved to be one of the most insightful lessons she taught me. As women, we have a tendency to always default on comparison because from a young age were conditioned to compete with one another. Nothing good comes from comparison, it fosters insecurity and negativity. My mom has always taught me that just because I give someone a compliment doesn’t mean I’m taking anything away from myself. When you lift others up, a really interesting thing happens, you benefit from the feeling almost as much as the person you’re paying the compliment to. If you spread love and kindness and verbally foster positivity, you will see that positivity and those good vibes bounce back into your own life.

Leading a positive life starts with having a positive outlook, for yourself and for others around you. Instead of comparing yourself, try channeling that energy into compliments & support for others and affirmations for yourself.

What are you experiences in leading a positive life? Have you seen a change for the better, when applying this outlook?

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