Chic Tip of the Day: December is crazy. You’re doing great!

I woke up this morning the same way I went to bed: Exhausted. I was waitlisted on a Barre class with Kala at VicPark until I finally managed to get into the class yesterday (Yes! Yay! I’m In!). Only to pass on attending today (#FAIL). For the past month I’ve been pushing through, day after day, week after week. Feeling exhausted and drained and even sick most of last week (who isn’t sick right now though, right!) I came close to this feeling last week, but still pushed through 95% of most days. It was only a matter of time before I would have to hit the pause button.

Exhaustion compounded with the weather today being a messy bag of snow, sleet, and rain, made the Public Transportation trek to the gym even more challenging of an idea. I hit snooze and stayed in bed. I felt bad about missing the class, letting down Kala and myself. But I quickly reminded myself what I’m here to tell you guys: It’s ok. It happens. And life goes on. When I got up, I repurposed my day, set Intentions and made a new checklist, and then headed to a café to tackle emails and some content creation (like this one I’m writing now). December is crazy for many of us. We run ourselves ragged by overextending our days, our promises and by consequence, ourselves. It’s the month of months where we all try and do it all and check off all the boxes before end of year. Pushed aside deadlines. Check. Take on a new project before end of year? Check. Family obligations? Check. Holiday prep? Check. After-work to-do lists that don’t end? Check. Triple booking ourselves at simultaneous events? Check. Putting ourselves last? CHECK CHECK CHECKKKKK. BREATHE. We’re in it together. And the good news, it’s almost over. Sort of.

When we miss a goal, a deadline or a promise we make to ourselves, things get uncomfortable. Being accountable for things 1010192012 days in a row, and failing to meet targets on occasion, doesn’t mean you’re the worst person and isn’t something you should drag yourself down over. Contrarily, it means you’re doing fine. More than fine, you’re doing great! Today’s world doesn’t stop so it’s important to realize that sometimes, we need to stop, sit back and take a breather.

Here are 3 things to remember when you miss a target:

  1. You’re doing the best you can. No, but really you are. How many personal deadlines and promises to others have you met in the last 30 days? Chances are you’re probably over-committing yourself and sometimes you have to slow down, and listen to your inner voice.
  2. Tomorrow is a new day and you will rise again and hit the ground running.
  3. It happens to everyone. Think you’re alone to feel overworked and overwhelmed? Time-poverty as a result of being over-busy, and increased anxiety is something that is affecting a growing amount of Westerners meaning that when enough is enough, it’s enough.

Stay tuned for tips on setting fair personal boundaries to avoid feeling overwhelmed by increased expectations.

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