Doing your Dharma: How & Why


If you Google the definition of Dharma you’ll get the following:  Essential quality or character as of the cosmos or one’s own nature.

I first learned about Dharma from Ruby Warrington in her book Material Girl, Mystical World. Warrington, states that, “doing your dharma is answering your soul’s calling and that moreover in so doing, you will contribute to the greater good.” A Sanskrit term, Dharma is to live your righteous life.


Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington

Answering our soul’s calling and living a more meaningful life is one of the highest intentions of many in today’s world so let’s break down the steps to getting there.

Reflect on your childhood. What were your favourite activities as a child? Often these are considered our soul’s calling and if you take them into consideration into your adulthood, you’ll find that whenever you practise those activities, you feel an overwhelming sense of joy and passion. This is because the things we loved in our youth reflect our purest self and our sense of purpose as adults.

Our purest self is also known as our personal truth and as adults we are conditioned to ignore and push aside these feelings and passion-evoking notions because they tend to come at an unconventional price. The cost of uncertainty perhaps or financial insecurity.

Listen to your calling. When it comes to living our most rewarding and fulfilling life possible, according our personal truth is a crucial step. Your dharma is what you are destined to do in life, it is the path of syncronisity where the universe cooperates and it taps into our highest intuition and sees us fearlessly surrounding ourselves with people who ask and listen to what’s what’s best for us, instead of imposing what they think is our best case scenario. How much of your life have you spent accommodating the former? Wouldn’t it be nice to finally set the path for the latter in 2018?

Align your purpose. Here’s another way to look at it and an approach that really speaks to me, yours truly: What Makes You Come Alive? That my friends, is The Answer. The very thing you are supposed to be doing.

After my burn out, like many who experience the same, I had had enough and there was no more time or room in my life to go on unfulfilled. I went from Breakdown to Breakthrough to Spiritual Awakening and here we are, friends, Stephaniechic is living her Dharma right before your eyes.

“Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who come alive. – Howard Thurman 

Your Dharma is authentically (chic!) YOU. 

One of the biggest challenges today, is being authentically oneself. Why? Because so much of our energy is spent comparing. Comparing ourself to our neighbour, our neighbours neighbour and the stranger with more Instagram likes. Wasted energy because we all know that comparison doesn’t yield results. In fact, it yields the counter-productive opposite of one’s dharma: Self-doubt.

You’ve probably already tapped into your dharma, but had second thoughts because society pushed you to pursue a more profitable career, while your ego told you to do something more glamorous, and your parents told you to focus on stability. Unfortunately, all of these wrongfully made choices result in road blocks and detours (which often end up being u-turns) in our pursuit of happiness. What do you wish you were doing every single day? We don’t listen to our instinct often enough as adults, whereas in our youth, most of our behaviour is instinctual and dharma-centric.

Contrary to popular belief, pursuing your dharma will positively contribute to the a conscious society and everyone’s greater good, your ego and your parents’ too– Imagine that! This exercise will not only better your own life but those of everyone around you. Sign.Me.Up!

I’m not saying to quit your job (let’s be honest that is unsound advice at any rate).  If you’re wondering however why it feels like you’re constantly jogging against the wind, it’s in all likelihood because you aren’t pursuing your dharma. What is your dharma? Like individuals, no two are the same and there isn’t one right answer for everyone. For some of us, it might mean spending a few hours exploring a passion project, while for others, it’s laying down the groundwork to pursue their full-time passion. In either case, even just connecting with your dharma (your purpose, your raison-d’être, your happiness) and taking the time to listen & trust your inner voice can be the difference between living your life and experiencing a connected high-vibe lifestyle you were destined for.

Are you doing your dharma? Inspire others by sharing below what your passion is and the ways in which you’ve been able to successfully pursue it. 

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