Crystals for Pisces

On the 19th of February, the sun entered Pisces meaning that we are in a powerful chapter of great transformation and discovery, propelling us into new beginnings. Pisces is a water sign that is highly intuitive and the greatest friend and supporter. The Pisces will fight for living out your dreams while not conforming, inspiring us to chase great things by diving head first into our passion projects, trusting our intuition. Trust the process, is the advice of our Pisces spirited fiends.

Pisces is also a sign of belief in our intuition, it asks us to listen to our inner voice: What do you want out of life? vs What does life want for you? Positioned in the 12th house, the final house, this compels us to consider the meaning of life and look to our intuition for the answers related to our growth and the next steps in our evolution. Bringing the circle together, the 12th house and Pisces represent a spiritual rebirth championed by this sign’s natural 6th sense for trusting intuition and following one’s dreams.

Ruled by Neptune the planet of mystery and illusion, Pisces is on the pursuit of the meaning of life. A bit of a dreamer, chasing the unknown to step into the bigger picture of our lives is not uncommon amongst Pisces. Instead of what could go wrong, Pisces asks What Could Go Right?


Crystals for trusting your instinct, speaking your truth, and believing in your destiny.


A crystal of change and favourable to the unknown, Aragonite will help you trust the process of life and stay open. Good things must fall apart so that better things can come into play. Believe that in your future there exists a better life, and you will attract it, with the help of Aragonite. This crystal appeals to your sense of curiosity and adventure for the unknown.

Work with Aragonite to tap into your intuition, feel engaged and connected to your bigger picture. It will also help you embrace the unknown and release any deep ties to your past.


Use Kyanite to work on your communication, as it’s associated with the throat chakra. A great crystal to cut through any fear and blocks tied to communication, propelling you to share your truth from an honest place, giving clarity to your inner voice and appealing to your deepest instincts.

Interestingly Kyanite is a self-cleansing crystal that never needs cleansing, it’s a purifying crystal on its own and it will remove any negative energy from your aura, favouring the development of positivity into your personal space.


Associated with confidence, luck and abundance this is a great crystal to channel your inner creative, a trait associated with Pisces’ expression.

Pyrite will bring about confidence and need for action to pursue your biggest goals. It will trigger your creative side and its actions for reaching these targets in your life. It will help you yield lucky breaks, fend off any self-doubt and help you find the courage to share your gift and speak your truth with the world.

Store pyrite tumbles in your cash register & wallet to attract abundance.


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