Oils: Join my tribe

Welcome! This space is dedicated to a line of oils that came into my life from a considerate friend, who genuinely cared about my wellbeing. This at a time when I was transitioning into plant based eating and didn’t know all the benefits essential oils could offer. I quickly discovered that dõTERRA oils would not only be a range I would become a huge fan of, but that they would impact mine and Nick’s life, for the better.

I want to share my affinity with these oils with you guys, and hopefully spread all the goodness they’ve brought into my chic world, with many of you and your families.

Whether you want to experience the oils for yourself or introduce them to others, as a community leader, this chic essential circle has a place for you. From oil education to chic hangouts, giveaways and more! there’s so much to gain from and be a valuable part of.

I’m currently growing the chic DõTERRA tribe and I would love to hear from you if you’re interested in getting involved and joining the chic circle. Contact me if you want to be part of a rising movement that is improving lives, naturally.


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