chic sleep: how to

If you’re reading this the title probably caught your eye because you’re like many who have trouble shutting it down at night. So many people suffer with various ailments and personal struggles, thinking they’re on their own. You’re not on your own. And there are solutions that are holistic and work wonderfully well in terms of providing a relief to everyday struggles.

When it comes to sleep, there are a few practises you can put into place before bedtime, but my favourites by far are related to routines I’ve incorporated with my crystals and oils. These talismans help me get that serene shut eye I never had prior.

by l'orangerie photographie

by l’orangerie photographie

My favourite crystals for sleep:

On my nightstand, I always have a cluster of soothing crystals. My Amethyst geode is among my favourites, it promotes calm feelings & dispels any stress from my mind, and when placed on my heart chakra at sleep time, it can be a very relaxing experience that always promotes a good night’s sleep. I also keep pink quartz, and raw amethyst tumbles around my bigger geode, and I let their magnetic energies, pervade my bedroom and my mind with a restful night’s sleep. Since having my crystals near by, I notice I sleep a lot deeper and a lot more peacefully.

by l'orangerie photographie

My favourite essential oils for sleep:

I diffuse oils every night before sleep, and I leave my diffuser timer on for 2hours from the time I climb into bed. My favourite chic sleep DIY blends, are a few drops Lavender with equal amounts Frankincense or a few drops Peace with equal Frankincense. Lavender is soothing and calming as it is, it’s long been associated with deep sleep and reducing anxiety which can creep up just as were about to go to sleep. I also apply lavender to the bottoms of my feet at bedtime and I have been known to inhale a few drops of my Serenity Blend, rubbed between the palms of my hands. Frankincense is my favourite spiritual blend, it invites feelings of balance and its grounding as an oil, making it ideal as it is blended with lavender, but it also magnifies the potency of any oil its blended with, so I love to add a few drops to my diffuser with my evening single oils for maximum dreamy sleep effects. Peace Blend is an incredible oil for eliciting calm and peaceful feelings, as it suggests. When it comes to having a better night’s sleep these are my daily go to’s and I can’t even imagine what my life was prior to hitting the pillow with my diffuser’s blend wafting into my bedroom.

by l'orangerie photographie

Further chic sleep tips:

  1. Practise a sleep routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, daily. It seems to simple, yet so many of us practise a flex sleep schedule which isn’t helping our patterns or wellbeing. Try and get to keep at the same time, and wake at the same time, for the next 7 days straight to see how you feel & if your sleep improves.

  2. Create a beautiful sleep environment. This means a room that elicits feelings of relaxation, is organized and doesn’t feel messy or overwhelming.

  3. Write before you sleep. Swap your phone or tv session, for a pen and notebook and jot down, anything on your mind, whether its in the form of journaling, or detailing the to-do’s on your list for tomorrow. This gets them penned to paper, and helps you feel organized for the day ahead, versus overwhelmed with your checklist, as you try and catch some zzz’s.

  4. Take a warm bath. I like to take a steam bath before I sleep, especially in the winter months when I feel overwhelmed or over tired. It’s soothing and relaxing. I add a a few drops of lavender essential oil to my Epsom salts, or even straight to the bath water. This can be one the most therapeutic experiences you can create for yourself in your home.

  5. Run your Essential Oils Diffuser with your favourite oils & Listen to The Calm App for meditative music, or even a sleep story.


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