The happiness oil: Lemon

One of the biggest motivating factors for me when it comes to being a Transformational Coach (in training) is the idea that I will get to help people. Help people live better. Help people feel better. Better about themselves, about their wellbeing, and about their lives.


When I discovered essential oils and crystals I never imagined the positive effects they would have on my life. Both are tools I use daily to achieve feelings of wellbeing and happiness and I notice when I dont apply them, that my mood and feelings are affected for worse. These former tools are so potent and I believe so much in their healing capabilities and natural therapeutic benefits that I live to share the secrets of these talismans with all of you in the hopes of helping you improve your life, one oil and one crystal at a time. Sorry in advance if I am responsible for your collection growing bigger than you imagined!

What’s in this bottle?

by l'orangerie photographie

by l’orangerie photographie

One of my favourite oils (it’s also part of the top 10 oils to start your collection with), is DoTerra’s Lemon Essential Oil. It’s so many things bottled, not the least of which is happiness, waiting for you to experience it.

by l'orangerie photographie

by l’orangerie photographie

 Some of my favourite ways to use this uplifting lemon oil are:

  1. In the morning, a few drops rubbed between the palms of my hands & inhaled for feelings of happiness and an invigorated start to my day.

  2. As a all natural counter cleaner. I blend it with water and vinegar to create a DIY counter top cleanser that’s a germ buster and gives my counters a powerful shine.

  3. Diffused at any time of the day, for a fresh scent wafting in my home, that purifies while it uplifts.

  4. A few drops in my hot water, for a lemon infused water which is detoxifying and refreshing start to my day.

  5. A few drops, mixed with an 8oz glass of water promotes healthy digestion.


For the month of March, with every purchase of an Essential Oils kit & Chic tribe Enrollment, you’ll receive a Shals bracelet. My writs is stacked full of them, and they’re my favourite everyday bracelet, so I have partnered with Shals to gift each new Chic Tribe member with one of these bracelets! Contact me for more info on how you can become a part of the chic tribe by adding these life-chainging oils to your home!

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