Hello friends!

If you’re here for the first time, welcome! My name is Stephanie Boridy. Most people call me “stephaniechic” or “chic”.

Those nicknames come from a fashion brand I started with my first .com venture in 2008- le cheap c’est chic. The brand that started it all– I’m so grateful to it for taking me through all the highs and lows that brought me here. To you! Speaking of gratitude, thank you for being here, reading this now. What a journey life is, right? Let’s take a look at how I got here, connecting with you.

I’m an intuitive self-love coach who’s spiritually driven, helping my clients tap into their personal power by awakening their authentic selves, through self-love. These strengths exist within us all: They’re just waiting to be empowered. Sounds pretty awesome, right?! And I would know, because before “here”, I didn’t have the slightest inclination that I had these strengths or that they could raise my experience of life.

The truth is, with intention and the right support, you can achieve all that you’re wishing for. I know this first hand.

I’m a free-spirited, soulful optimist. I’m passionate about people. Meeting new people, working with people, and leading my clients to know themselves, love themselves and be themselves.

I eat mostly plant-based which I attribute to connecting me with a high-vibe life, and l lead a life of abundance, grateful for the simplest things in life.
I practice low-waste and plastic-free living as much as possible. If we can rally to make a difference that impacts our well-being and Mother Nature, you’ll find me rooting for the cause. I’m nurturing with a very big heart & I’ve been known to spread the love wherever I go, in whatever I do. I take the authentic approach to life and I wear all my vulnerabilities on my sleeve, because our imperfections are not only what make us amazing, but they connect us as a community, as human beings.

I host Chic Circles at Velish Juice Bar in Montreal, monthly, at every New Moon, where I share my tools and tips for building self-worth. I hold this space for women to come together, in a safe and supportive group. I’m a Scorpio Sun and Leo moon. My grandmother, Eugenie, was spiritually gifted and an empath. I get it from her lineage.

I was born in Lyon, France on the 7th of November 1982. 7/11: (#7) Seeker of Truth and (#11) Guided & supported by divine purpose– Nothing in life is by accident, not even my birth date.
I’m half Polish, half Lebanese. I spent most of my life in Montreal, Canada, and most of it wanting to leave. This translated into a passion for travel. I spent a good part of my twenties, backpacking the world on my own, whenever I had the chance. The South Pacific and Europe, notably, we’re among my favourite destinations.

My mom is the first of her family born in Canada. Her parents were 1st generation Canadian immigrants & entrepreneurs. Leslie is a strong woman, who raised my younger brother, Sebastien and I on her own until I was 12 years old. Hint: This is where I get my “You got this” flare.

My birth father is estranged and through a tough process of forgiveness, I’ve made peace with this past and I’m free of my wounded child struggles, which had a strong hold on me for most of my life. He was also a wounded child, and this in turn has helped me understand and forgive, as well as know the value in breaking out of our childhood programming so we can change the history of our lineage and improve our evolution.

My mom remarried when I was 12. My adopted dad, Paul taught me an unparalelled generosity and instilled in me my stop at nothing attitude. He also taught me one of my biggest lessons in life, forgiveness. Though my parents’ marriage our family grew and Sebastien and I welcomed a new brother into our lives, Adam. Adam was always the coolest, Sebastien was the brains between all of us, and I found myself in the middle, literally, not knowing who I was. Never owing my intuitve and healer gift, nor giving myself credit for a thing.

I spent most of my life seeing myself as the disadvantaged victim of a family that was broken & different.

And I always compared and despaired. I believed my brothers had the advantage and I got the short end of every stick.

My whole life, as far back as I can remember, I lived with terrible anxiety and stomach aches. My anxiety was diagnosed at 26 years old, after an emergency appendectomy and c-difficil breakout, thereafter.

I came to know that my solar plexus and root chakra were completely blocked. I’d spent my entire life weak and unstable because I had no idea how to stand up for myself, how to speak my truth- though I had no trouble speaking out. This was all tied to the fact that I had no idea who I was. I had no self-worth. None. Zilch.

This was everyone’s fault but my own. My soul was exhausted. My health was depleted.

On the 25th of February 2017, (again with number 7 prominent, even in the number 25), I married my best friend, my soul mate, Nick. We’ve known each other our whole lives, and before we married, we were together for 6 years. Nick is the person who truly brings out the best in me and our wedding day was the most blissful day of our lives. It rained a moonsoon’s worth, and was 15 degrees above zero, in February on that day. The weather made no sense at all from a logical perspective, eastern Canada only sees temperatures that high in the spring. But it was destined to be that way. There was so much magic and abundance to underscore our love & our 30 guests expressed feeling it as much as we did. The universe was showering us with everything that we were meant to behold. I cried so much that day, tears of bliss. It was the most out of body experience when it comes to love.

This was a new chapter for us, but also, this was the beginning of the big switch within me.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my rebirth was on the horizon.

In July 2017, I was facing a burn out. Middle of the night panic attack, feeling like I couldn’t go on, knowing full well, that it was TIME. My Time. It was bigger than me. I knew what I had to do and I knew in my gut that this was going to be the change that finally unleashed what I had always believed to be true: I would be as successful as my heart desired as soon as I honoured my truth, and started applying my gift to help others.

To help others, I had to help myself first.

Life happens for you.

I graduated with a B.A in English Cultural Studies from McGill University in 2004.

I graduated with a Graduate Degree in Communications from Concordia University in 2006.

In 2008 I started working in publishing. From ELLE Canada to LOULOU Magazine, this was the start of my prestigious fashion career. Over the course of the next 4 years, I worked as Editor, Beauty Editor, and the first Social Media and Web Editor. In some ways, these years were a dream come true, because growing up, I lived and breathed for newsstands and fashion magazines. In other ways, however, the office culture and 9-5 wasn’t my vibe. I knew this from day 1, but life asked some growth of me before I could explore other options.

In 2008 I also started Le Cheap c’est Chic, a blog that was before its time in a lot of ways. A space to share my love of fashion and thrifty finds that looked the high end part, my community started to take shape and my dreams of bringing women together, through my relatable nature, was starting to blossom.

By 2011 I was a social media pioneer and I left my full time job to take my blog to the next level. Again, before its time, the world wasn’t ready for influencers yet so this initiative inevitably failed on a business level.

To make a bit of extra cash, I worked a variety of high end retail jobs, while I consistently tried to leverage my entrepreneur goals of branding out as a full-time Stephaniechic. I was never totally focused on one thing, and I viewed this as my failure to be able to “get it together.” Alas, it’s the slighted path of many creatives, lightworkers, and entrepreneurial spirits.

Eventually, trying to earn a living and launch a business here, there, and everywhere left me feeling depleted in energy and completely defeated, and discouraged in entrepreneurship.

I wasn’t aligned.

Despite the “failures” there were so many lessons and timing in this decade-long fashion career.

My burn-out was undoubtedly a spiritual awakening that was asking me to take a huge step back. The press pause. To reset. To relaunch. And to own my gift. To act on it, out of faith, and trust the process that my gift is my purpose. It’s my destiny.

Here I am. A Self-Love Coach. AWAKE to my true self. I’ve stopped trying to manage everything and I learned to trust and let go. I’ve stopped hiding behind my self-sabotage of excuses, feeling that I wasn’t good enough, successful enough, abundant enough. I stopped avoiding conflict because I was afraid I would get rejected, judged, or criticized for being the real me.

I started to LOVE MYSELF. I started to BE myself and I discovered my WORTH.

I forgave myself and I forgave everyone I had been holding accountable for MY life. I opened up to receive FREEDOM & PEACE.

I want to help YOU live a purposeful and fulfilling life. I am a coach, healer, and an empath. I’m an expert in self-love and self-worth.
I’m the creator of the Chic You Program, a method that will serve you to have the most empowering breakthrough. I give people a guide to release their blocks, awaken their authenticity & step into their higher self, opening up to the life they’re dreaming of. I work with private clients and I lead Chic Circles for women.

My Purpose: To help others Know Themselves. Be themselves. Love themselves.

I’m skilled at:

Helping you recognize & release the energy that’s stopping you.
Helping you know your worth.
Helping you discover your self-love.
Guiding you to intuitive living
Leading you to a habit-changing breakthrough
I’m your biggest cheerleader

In the words of my mentor Ryan Yokome, our mess is our message.

I honour your journey and your efforts, because I know what it’s like. I’m here to show you that you can live the life of your dreams. It’s within you. Let’s awaken your worth together and break you free of the programming that’s stopping you from being the best version of you.

I’m here to help you kick-start your authentic new life and lead you to your highest self.

I look forward to raising your vibration and bringing you all the joy in the world: You deserve it!


Stephanie Boridy is an expert in the field of self-love. Stephanie is the creator of the Stephaniechic Chic You Breakthrough, recognized by her clients as a transformational program that helps them awaken their authentic self, tap into their self-worth, to live their most fulfilled life ever.