How to choose a crystal: Shape & type

The energy of a crystal isn’t altered by their shape, but depending on the shape, a crystal can be purposeful for different energy experiences.

If you’re new to crystals, the legend below could help you understand which crystals you’ll want to add to your collection first and foremost, based on which energetic needs you are seeking to work on.


My first crystals included tumbles, because of how they felt when I held them. Polished and small enough to work with on the go, I knew these tiny magic makers were a must. Incidentally, they are a great place to start any crystal collection because they’re so inexpensive and very versatile. They can be a great introduction for anyone looking to explore the ways to work with crystals, on the daily. Whether its in your car, at your office, or simply hanging out in your bag, these small guys pack a punch whatever setting they’re in, and dont require too much fussing about because generally speaking they aren’t as fragile as some of their cluster counterparts may be.


A crystal sphere works much like a circle, allowing for energy to radiate from all sides and directions. The symmetry of a sphere means it’s the ideal equation to radiate balance, peace and relaxing energies into an environment. Great for meditating as you hold all parts of your being in the palm of your hand, spheres are a bit of an investment, but the benefits to their owner’s life, are boundless.


As you venture into crystals you’ll quickly learn that pyramids are one of the most powerful tools for manifesting your intentions, and amplifying your energy. The ancient Egyptians believed that pyramids symbolized the rays of the sun and crystals in this revered shape are believed to harness the most powerful vibrational energy to help you manifest your highest intentions.


Similar to pyramids, pointed crystals are ideal for manifesting your intentions with added energy. They will literally sky rocket your intentions into the universe and are as much a great ally for manifesting larger personal goals and dreams as well as anchoring your crystal grid. My favourite Points are Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz.


These are often found in geode shapes, and larger points, clustered. Aside from being naturally beautiful and innately attractive to own, clusters will actually direct the energy of your intentions and environment into multiple directions simultaneously, due to their convergence of multiple crystal points. Vibrating at a higher frequency than most crystals, clusters are considered an essential to own at any rate.

Choosing a crystal

Choosing a crystal can be overwhelming at best. Their beauty is magnetic and when starting out there is inevitably a sense of overwhelm at the thought of choosing even just one. The answer is simple: Go with your gut. There is no right or wrong way to choose a crystal and it’s often said that the one that you gravitate towards is the one that you need in your life. By the same token, if you loose or break a crystal, it’s believed that it’s no longer serving you.

Once you’ve chosen the crystal or crystals that speak to you, take note of their names, and research their nature and properties. This will help you understand how you can work with them, and might even provide a clearer understanding of why you were drawn to them.