Programming: Moon magic & rituals

by l'orangerie photographie

Moon manifesting is an ideal time to work with your crystals. Aside from the fact that it’s the best time to recharge or cleanse your crystals with the energy of the moon, it’s also an opportune time to map out goals and intentions you are striving towards.

New Moons: These occur once a month and are rife with new energy and opportunity to hit the refresh button, making it ideal with starting new projects or manifesting for the continued success of something you’re working on or towards.

New Moon rituals come in many styles, shapes and forms. My favourite is among the most straightforward and yet packs a powerful punch even in its simplicity.

    1. Gather the crystals you want to work with. Depending on which sun the moon is in there are crystals that work in the most ideal of ways to help positively magnify and amplify ongoings to the specific happenings in our universe, but I always circle back to: Start where you are with what you have. You can expand your collection as you see fit. If the moon is in Aquarius and we’re working to release patterns of our past, to move forward, you would want to work with Smokey Quartz, ideally, but if you don’t have any, fret not. The important thing to note here, is gathering the crystal you do have, cleansing them for the ritual, and letting them do their magic thing.
    2. Light a few candles, and your Palo Santo or Aage. Cleanse/Smudge your space and your crystals. I also like to have a mood setting playlist going, my favourite of the moment is Spotify’s “Your Favourite Coffeehouse”.
    3. Have a pen and paper handy and jot down positive affirmative statements, also known as affirmations and intentions, based on your specific goals. i.e , “I am successful in the pursuit of X”, “I am a magnet for X”. “I travel to X”. . Thank your higher power (spiritual, or the universe), sign and date your paper, and place under the crystals. Leave this setup under the light of the new moon so it can charge and magnetize your intentions. This ritual must be done within 24 hours, one either side, of a New Moon. Thereafter place the setup in an area where it can sit undisturbed for 28 consecutive days/until the next New Moon.
    4. Watch the magic happen. 


Full Moons. A legendary occurrence, a full moon is known to be magical when it comes to fulfilling our deepest dreams and wishes. The life of your dreams begins with gratitude and as such not surprisingly, so does any full moon ritual. These rituals are said to be grounding, protective, and harness possibility of expansion and thereby I like to express my deepest gratitudes, on the occasion of a full moon ritual, while specifying my most daring dreams.

On the night of a full moon, start by writing down a list of your top 3-5 gratitudes. From there, repeat the steps 1-4 from above and await the magic which will unfold. The only difference is that the Full Moon ritual intentions sit only overnight in the moonlight, vs 28 days undisturbed in the case of the new moon.

In case you were wondering, and again, there is varying information on the following and going with your instinct is my biggest recommendation, but crystals most used in conjunction with moon manifesting are listed below.

New Moon crystals: Citrine (energy, goal setting, luck & abundance), Clear Quartz (transformation, clarity, nature’s wonder it will supercharge any and every intention), Phantom Quartz (much like my favourite Sprit Quartz, this will connect you spiritually).

Full Moon crystals: Amethyst (transformation and protection), Pyrite (confidence, luck, abundance), Selenite (cleansing, clearing, moon magic), Smoky Quartz (energy cleansing and grounding).

My favourite sources for everything crystal, spirituality, and universe magic related:

  1. @spiritdaughter Jill is my favourite astrologer. She breaks down the magic in our skies as it happens,  in a way that is consistently relatable, authentic and effective on a personal level. She also puts together moon workbooks, that are a collect-them-all phenomenon perfect for anyone who wants to practice moon rituals and connect the occasion to the higher powers of the universe. Beginners to the most experienced crystal & astrology junkies have something to gain from her posts and stories.
  2. Crystal Muse by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro. The founders of the revered Energy Muse, Heather and Timmi are the real deal with lost of knowledge and experience to offer anyone with an interest in these talismans.
  3. Crystals the Modern Guide to Healing by @goldirocks. This little book is a handy guide presented in a way that merges practicality with beauty (a hard feat to accomplish!). It’s a great book for beginners and experts alike, & I love to offer it as a token of magic to those who are embarking on their crystal and spiritual journeys.
  4. Cove Crystals. Ali Welik, is based in Hudson, Quebec and crafts the most beautiful necklaces from crystals, mostly raw, that she sources herself or is commissioned for. Feel free to send her a message and mention you were connected via Stephaniechic. She would greatly appreciate the love and support <3!