The Chic Lifestyle Blueprint


If you made it here, you’re on the right track to living your best life yet! Chic has been around since as far back as I can remember…2008 to be exact. It started as a noun, one that chose me organically and it has evolved into an identity that I’ve leveraged to inspire many over the years, not the least of which has been my own path and person, to be honest. Not only have I created this lifestyle, but I’ve been living it- trial and error. Many of you have even seen me through it and continue to support me.

Over the years, chic has evolved from an approach on living a fashionable life to a way of life that encompasses many factors which I’ve formulated and I am finally sharing in a comprehensive guide for you my followers and readers, alike, so you can adopt this way of life into your own path and routine. I have been living the chic life since day 1 and it has taken me this long to put it down into terms and steps, because mapping out what comes naturally to one, isn’t always straightforward a process. You guys pushed me to put this together, because I get asked all the time how I’m so positive (because that’s fundamentally who I am) and I get feedback on the regular in regards to my chic style (thank you!) and inspiring approach to life (now you can adopt it too!).

I wanted to put down into easy to incorporate terms the steps for living a fulfilling life, like the one I’ve been sharing with you for the last decade. This is the blueprint for living a life of happiness, gratitude and positivity! This guide should be a go-to resource and tool for anyone seeking to better their life by way of wellness, healthy habits, and fulfilling intentions. If you follow these steps (and If you’re new here, don’t be reluctant to start small and adopt more as you go along and gain more confidence) you will undoubtedly notice a change in your quality of life. Remember, in the words of Brendon Burchard, change doesn’t happen overnight, but that what starts as an intention, becomes a behaviour, and then a habit, followed by a practice and second nature, until its finally WHO YOU ARE. Welcome to the Chic Life.

photo cred: l’orangerie photogaraphie

5 ingredients to living a chic life

  1. COMMUNITY. This is a fundamental chic ingredient because I know first hand from experience that one cannot be their best self without the unwavering support of a community so strong they stick by you no matter what. I’ve managed to surround myself with such kind, smart and loving people, because of how I lead my life. It’s really that simple. If you are frustrated with your circle of friends, take a look at your approach to life first, ask yourself how your energy impacts the team of people you’re surrounding yourself with. Warren Buffet recently suggested investing in your network like you would approach your financial stock portfolio: Focusing on the top 10% which benefit you the most. You’ve heard it before, but it’s time to apply it: Choose your tribe wisely. This group of people will not only impact your energy (are they fuelers or vampires) but reflect your person. Your chic tribe should encourage you, believe in you, and advocate for your best self & overall wellness. If you know in your heart (also known as doing your dharma) that you are being true to yourself and living your life with integrity, trimming naysayers out will occur naturally, if only with minor effort. One of the most challenging steps in adopting a healthier lifestyle, is making modifications to your community and acccepting that as you grow and evolve, so will your inner circle. Remember that your vibe attracts your tribe.

  2.  POSITIVITY. This starts with a belief and self-love for oneself. In order to truly adopt the chic lifestyle, you have to set your mindset to believe that you are worth it. Having a positive approach to life and oneself is a core value of living à la chic. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, take a deep breath and hit the refresh button. It’s time to change your outlook and start living a life of positivity which is the fundamental ingredient to happiness. Tell yourself one positive affirmation a day. From there, repeat it ever single day and build upon it with more positive affirmations. In between, pay the affirmation forward by complimenting someone else. Paying others a compliment is an effective way to not only empower someone else’s life (also relevant step to living a chic life) but seeing the boomerang effect into your own. One of the chicest qualities in a person is their innate capability of making someone, even a total stranger, feel great about themselves. Harnessing the skill of evoking a feeling of positivity or empowerment in your audience is among the chicest trait of them all.

  3. GRATITUDE. Being aware of what you have, vs. what you have-not increases your chances of leading a life of value. Being chic is an attitude of abundance which invariably increases confidence and your sense of security in regards to your own life. Furthermore, gratitude is also linked with success. Setting the intention of expressing gratitude daily, or even weekly at the beginning of your grateful journey, will increase your chances of leading an overall happy life, as well as feeling satisfied with your life more often than not, and it will increase your chances for success. A chic life is to live a life of gratitude by prioritizing the sentiment of appreciation for what you have, instead of paying mind to what you perceive as lacking. Placing value on what is before us creates a heightened sense of positivity and will increase confidence in your life perception as well as promote the odds of living the life you are dreaming of. Showing appreciation for and acknowledging your present fortune, that’s chic!

  4. AUTHENTICITY. This is perhaps the most chic trait of them all. One thing I’ve never compromised on is being true to myself– no matter what. It’s a personality trait that is completely unique to stephaniechic and one that makes my following so invested in my content. Being chic invariably means understanding your true worth, and being true to yourself no matter what. The more you let the real you shine, the more connected you will feel with your network, and the chicer you will become. Being chic means being an original- there is no single way to be chic, it’s an attitude that leaves those in your presence, impacted for the better.

  5. ROUTINE. Between 21 and 66 days is what it takes to transition a new habit into automatic behaviour. How do you get there? Consistency. The fastest route to consistency is to implement this new task or behaviour into your daily routine and the best shot you have at successfully doing so is by setting realistic micro goals. Micro goals are never too big or too far-fetched that you won’t actually put them into practice. For example, if you want to start integrating the chic life into your routine, you could tackle one gratitude moment a day. Once you feel like it’s second nature to be grateful for at least one thing, on a daily basis, you may want to introduce one aspect of positivity into your routine, like smiling at a stranger for example. Why is routine chic? Because being consistent in all of the above ingredients is the difference between having a chic moment, and living a chic life. Without consistency, hard work and devotion, things will inevitably remain unchanged, and no one will be chicer for it. Chic is to be accountable, for others, but for yourself first and foremost and doing so means setting up daily actions that are realistic and feasible enough that you won’t give up on them before they become a routine.