Why Crystals

I held my first healing crystal in December 2017 and I can’t even remember what occurred to elicit that initial intrigue to gather more information on these spiritual rocks with millions of years’ worth of information and connection to Mother Earth. What I do know is they were calling to me and I felt a strong pull to tap into their high vibrational powers.

I did some research, and learned quickly that the best crystal shops and their owners, were only reachable through word of mouth. One of my friends and I crossed paths soon after, as my intrigue was unfolding, and we touched on crystals and I learned not only was she familiar with these humble stones, but credited their presence in her life as “really  working.” She also had information on a store “I needed to go to”.

It wasn’t a week later, I found myself at Crystal Dreams tapping into a part of me that had been ignored for far too long. I knew I was about to fall in love with these gems and all their possibilities, messages, and vibrations.

On that first trip, I remember being overwhelmed, but I remembered the advice of my aforementioned friend: I should take my time to experience each crystal. To really feel the contents of each basket of crystals, and to not rush the process. I was also told to go with the ones that called out to me, that I was innately drawn to. And to pick up some Sage to cleanse them as soon as I got home.

I left with a few Amethyst raw tumbles, an oversized Citrine Geode, and a couple of polished Tigers Eye tumbles, as well as some Sage and Palo Santo. I remember not knowing what to do with my crystals, really. I wasn’t sure what each one meant exactly. I was keen to spend all evening researching them and even made sure the sales associate didn’t let me leave without jotting down the names of the crystals I had purchased, because I was so worried to forget their names! I was a true novice, in her element.

It was a New Moon that night, so I cleansed my crystals in a salt water bath (something I learned later, isn’t an equal method for all types of crystals), and I put them outside under the moonlight, which was bright thanks to a clean sky that night. I’ll never forget the look my husband and I exchanged, as he officially saw me crossing over, into a world he didn’t understand, but knew I was smitten with. The next morning, he watched over my shoulder as I made sure my crystals were “ok”, because they had actually frozen overnight (winter struggles). They had seen harsher conditions from where they’d been mined, I was sure, but nonetheless I was a little worried for the state of my new messengers and wisdom keepers. Packed with the energy of the new moon, it was time to get to know my new rocks.

I laid my amethyst on my heart chakra, and started to feel its power. As my stomach started to toss and turn, I thought to myself, this can’t be the crystal?! I was nervous to say anything out loud because I was sure I’d be met with husband-heckling.

I went to dinner, with a friend and told her what I’d experienced and I learned I wasn’t crazy or wrong (phew!). I had actually experienced an exchange of frequencies with my tiny raw amethyst tumble. I knew I was in the presence of something magical and there was no turning back.

Since December, I have added many crystals to my collection and I am constantly feeling the effects of their force of nature, setting intentions with them at every new moon, as well as sharing their wealth and spiritual gifts with my friends and loved ones. Whether its a home, at work, in wellness and in rituals, crystals are versatile elements that can work with you on a supercharged frequency in the pursuit of many truths, from the most straightforward (better sleep) to your biggest dreams (happiness, abundance and purpose).

Crystals have brought a lot of magic into my life and I am never without a few on me. From Amethyst, to Spirit Quartz, Kyanite, Aragonite and so many more, these beautiful gifts from Mother Nature have taught me so much about appreciation for the nature of things, as well as the exchange of energy, and how we can elevate our own and manifest the life of our dreams working with these magnetic forces of nature.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to connect with me via email or on Instagram @stephaniechic.